[RUMOR] Star Wars Battlefront 3 Back In Development

Ty Harvey

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  • I Just Think George Lucas Isnt Working seriously Anymore Look At Indiana Jones And The Staff Of King Game Hes Releasing Why Didint he do it on ps3 or xbox 360 He Thinks ONly bout the PS2 cemoon We Need A Real Star Wars Game Not A ancy Force Unleashed Game I wanaa see anakin obiwan chancellor palpatine and mace windu and alot of otrher jedi i wanna see cones not some crappy old cartoon show i wanna see revenge of the sith on ps3 and 360 and battlefront III also with a season A trUE ONE NOT ONLY GUNS LIKE IMAGINE U GET TO BE THE JEDI AND U CAn LEAD THE CLONES And Relive Star Wars Episode II and III the campaing Can Have Different Selections U Can Play Either With The Clones and Droids Or With Jedi Sith Clones AND dROIDS when theres a part for the sith u play with sith when theres a part with the droids u play with the droids or clones etc and can have a storyy of the clone wars and at the end of the campaign a lightsaber duel and a clone war battle plus u can remove ure mask more weapons maps space games and Co-Op Mode Campain Co-Op Play Many Clone Troopers And Jedi THQ?????? season mode could have also jedi tricks and clone tricks u can close ur elightsaber fight with ure hands throw ure gun to people or hit punches when ure out of armor and theres no limit to where u can go u can walk wherever u want break whtever is near u