Steam Community Beta + Access Giveaway

Ty Harvey

I'm a self-proclaimed web personality, specializing in writing video game and technology content. Though, I sometimes go off the deep end, and start up a rant about hamsters. That happens more often than I’d care to admit.

  • Earthwalker

    If we don’t have twitter, does that mean we’re not eligible?

    • Gaming Rant

      Nah, you can still enter. Just be sure to check out the Twitter every once in a while, as we might include some ‘special’ opportunities. :p

      • Earthwalker

        Yeah, I have been thinking about getting one but I haven’t come to a decision yet. I will try to remember to check yours out though!

        • Gaming Rant

          Also remember, Gaming Rant itself is a powerful alternative to Twitter.
          Just head on over to the Activity page, or to your profile page, and start publishing stuff, just like you would on Twitter.

          We’re actually working on a new version of Gaming Rant. Not sure when it’ll be ready, but one of the new features is the ability to create and manage your own blogs, similar to Blogger.

          • Earthwalker

            Sounds interesting! The blog feature sounds interesting. Are you the only one working on everything?

          • Gaming Rant

            Yes, I’m the only webmaster here at Gaming Rant.

  • estze

    It’s interesting new feature. I hope I’ll get one key.

  • jepex

    i’m in 🙂

    • Gaming Rant

      Congratulations Jepex, you’re the winner!

      Please send me a direct message here on Gaming Rant that contains a link to your Steam profile page, and I’ll give you the key personally. 🙂

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      (you have until August 24th to claim your key, otherwise it’ll go to someone else)

  • Earthwalker

    It turns out a friend gave me a key so I don’t need one anymore.