GUNS, GUNS, GUNS, GUNS – Borderlands 2 Releases Tonight + Giveaway Update

Ty Harvey

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  • Gaming Rant

    Psst, if you happen to have an idea as to what we’ll be giving away, be sure to comment.

    Heck, if you end up being right, you just might get an extra entry or two into the giveaway, raising your odds of winning. 🙂

  • juliefoo

    I’d like to be included in on the borderlands giveaway! I’ve been waiting for the release of the game, but can’t afford it now that it’s out 🙁

  • BRXT

    Train Simulator 2013? 😀

  • Seth


  • Xbox 360 just putting that out there, and thank you if i don’t win. Its always good to see fellow gamer’s going out there way to help other gamer’s. Well that’s how i see it when i have extra im the same way and if one of my friends need and i have the means. But still congrats to those that do win.

    • hey i posted this in the wrong place im sorry you can bump this out.

  • Well if i had to say a game i am going to go with League Of Legends 2 and stick with it.

  • Rexsomnii

    In for the giveaway! Also followed on twitter and tweeted ! Good luck to all !

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  • Matt Johnson

    I’m un for the giveaway, I just saw this new post Thanks for more info

  • The Weird Stealth

    I would love to play BL2, but I need to replace the engine in my truck, so no BL2. 🙁

    Twitter link for kicks and giggles:

  • NemesisxII

    Can I still apply for this giveaway? Also, any chance you guys will be giving away Dishonored?

  • ropes

    Nice a chance for BL2, thanks

  • rtka1234

    I’m in for the giveaway and im a big fan of Borderlands! I think its a good thing that there are some originality left in the gaming industry!

  • Liam

    I really wanna try out borderlands 2 Ive never played borderlands then looked at some gameplay and thought actually this seems epic.PS3

  • Kenny

    borderlands 2 for ps3

  • The King Spycrab

    cool story bro. I LOVE the new looks of BL2! I am using a PC so, obviously, BL2 for PC

  • Luke

    BORDERLANDS!!!! Had a quick go at this one four player. It’s utter chaos.

  • joshua

    BORDERLANDS 2!!! i want that game..

    played the first lol