Evolution Of Gaming, A Future Of Lies

Ty Harvey

I'm a self-proclaimed web personality, specializing in writing video game and technology content. Though, I sometimes go off the deep end, and start up a rant about hamsters. That happens more often than I’d care to admit.

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  • Faisal Ilyas Khan

    well written article mr sidular and very true. that spectating function on ps4 they copied that from onlive also the game recording function brag clips etc to be more accurate gaikai copied it and is helping is ps4 by copying it. onlive was the first cloud gaming company in the western world but not the first cloud gaming company ever. it was the first one that went to more than one country. the first one was actually a company called g cluster. they provided their first cloud gaming service in 2005 in Cyprus. I have a link to the article http://uk.ask.com/wiki/G-cluster_Global_Corporation This is their official website http://www.g-cluster.com/eng/ they are meant to be launching their service in the US soon currently beta testing is going on. Their library has over 500 titles and they are also in a partnership with EA now aswell so battlefield series and fifa series will be coming to the platform. rumours are circulating that they will eventually buy out onlive and it will become part of them with them taking all of onlives employees and gary lauder becoming a co-owner. They have offices in japan, finland and france. This cloud gaming service launched this year in US but their games are meagre in contrast to onlive they only have 16 titles but I’m keeping tabs on them since they could develop. Here is the link http://www.ugamenow.com/#/landing. this is powered by another cloud gaming service called ubitus. This company ciinow is another cloud gaming company and they have announced a partnership with game in the UK and plan to launch their service soon and also in the US with hmv. This is their website http://www.ciinow.com/. I like onlive a lot. my favourite platform even though it does not have no way as many games as steam,psn or xbox live. I like the ui and social aspects of it. origin should make a partnership with onlive since EA titles will help onlive a lot. just waiting patiently for onlive fall news. In the meantime homefront multiplayer, bastion, red faction Armageddon, fear 3 and a ton of others will do me just fine. I hope we get ubsoft titles. I absolutely loved splinter cell conviction on onlive epic game and some guy saw me finish it aswell lol init and said congrats first time someone has seen me finish a game live special feeling. my onlive id is soldier2011 hope to see you online on onlive and hope onlive has good future since it rocks. sorry for the essay lol. now to some fragging in homefront.

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