Gaming Rant Presents: GTA V Giveaway

Ty Harvey

I'm a self-proclaimed web personality, specializing in writing video game and technology content. Though, I sometimes go off the deep end, and start up a rant about hamsters. That happens more often than I’d care to admit.

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  • Warstoriez


  • Hello! =D

  • Hey!

  • Rage

    I’m so gonna win this. I feel it in my left index finger.

  • NemesisX

    Good luck everyone!

  • BluShell Networks

    I’ll enter!

    • Sidular

      Welcome aboard, and best of luck!

  • Sidular

    Note: registration for Gaming Rant has been disabled.
    You are still able to enter this giveaway. All of the other terms apply.
    Just leave a comment, and have fun!

  • Mcfly

    I would love to win a copy!!

  • Walayat

    Thanks for the great opportunity Sidular and! Canada represent!

  • Wazir Begum

    I would like to enter!

  • Sidular

    Note: due to the lack of participants, this giveaway has been postponed until October 1st, or until we have 30 participants.

    Please invite your friends to participate.

  • Big O

    Count me in!

  • Wesley Chang


  • The Beast Incarnate

    I would love to win GTA V!

  • Ameer

    You can toss me into the mix!

  • Ross Burns

    I would like to enter too