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Let's Play, Talk, And Earn Together!

Think of us as a cult for gamers. We’ll provide the punch, you’ll provide the falcon. Essentially, Gaming Rant is a platform where gamers can express themselves. To talk about games, to organize events, to win and compete for prizes, to troll for the lulz. That’s what makes us gamers. That’s what makes us a community.


Gaming Rant is more than just a basic community, we’re a social networking platform for gamers. You create groups, organize events, and win free video games just for signing up and saying “hi”. 

Free Loot

To help encourage an active and healthy community, we provide our most active members with free video games (Steam) each and every month. We also host giveaways over on our forums, and operate a newsletter with other exclusive offers. 


We provide a free (but optional) newsletter, where we will occasionally offer exclusive deals and other promotional stuff straight to your inbox. This may include free video games for Steam, PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch, or special offers from third parties.


Socialize on our sitewide forums, or create your own forums through our Groups platform. 


We occasionally host gaming tournaments and events, usually focusing on speedrunning challenges. 


Upload or share your greatest gaming moments to Gaming Rant, and if we like what we see, we’ll reward you with free video games. 



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