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PlayStation Vita – Game Prices Announced

The next generation PlayStation portable console, the PlayStation Vita, is scheduled to be put onto Japanese store shelves this December 17th, and up until now, Sony has left everyone in the dark regarding game prices.

Sure, we know what the console will be going for, $250, but what about the actual games? Should we expect some form of major next-gen price hike, simply because it’s the next generation?

The answer is; “yes”.

The prices of four major launch titles has been set, and are listed below;

  • Uncharted: Golden Abyss: 5,980 Yen/US$78 for the cartridge vs. ¥4,900/US$64 for the download version
  • Hot Shots Golf: 4,980 Yen/US$65 vs. 3,980 Yen/US$52
  • Ridge Racer (pictured): 3,980 Yen/US$52 vs. 3,580 Yen/US$47*
  • Katamari: 4,980 Yen/US65$ vs. 4,480 Yen/US$58*

Well, isn’t that dandy? Looks like you’ll need actual gold to get the new Uncharted: Golden Abyss.

Lets hope that the above prices were caused by the crazy exchange rate between the dollar and the yen, as who in their right minds would pay $60+ for a game, especially in these economically unstable days?

The console itself will be sold in Japan for 25,000 Yen/US$326 (its price will be $250 in the United States and Canada)