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Rumor: Xbox 720 To Prevent Used Games From Being Played

(Xbox 720 Concept)

A little while ago, it was rumored that the next-gen Xbox would prevent used video games from being played on the console altogether. Although just a rumor, it caused a craze of searches and Tweets.

Although the idea of never being able to play a used video game again strikes fear into young gamers hearts (and wallets, as new games are slightly pricier than their used counterparts) it seems as though some game developers are praising the idea.

One developer in particular, Jameson Durall of Volition, voiced his approval of such technology, going so far to say it would be a “fantastic change” for the gaming industry.

Durall wrote: “There’s another big rumor about the next Xbox console that could really start to shake things up…it won’t play used games at all!”

Although he recognized that gamers would be upset “at first”, Durall went on to reason that they will “grow to understand why” and that not being able to play used games “won’t kill them.”

“Personally I think this would be a fantastic change for our business and even though the consumers would be up in arms about it at first…they will grow to understand why and that it won’t kill them.”

Now, we here at Gaming Rant have never really been into buying used video games, but we can see how the inability to play used games could in fact cause harm to game retailers, such as GameStop, whose main form of revenue is from the used video game market.

Voice your opinions on this matter below. Do you think it’s wise to disallow used video games, or is it a reason to avoid Microsoft’s next home entertainment console?

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