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E3 2012 – Microsoft Has Announced Xbox SmartGlass

At Microsoft’s E3 2012 press conference today the gaming giant announced a new SmartGlass initiative.

The technology allows users to sync their entertainment viewing across multiple devices. Users can begin watching a movie or television show on their tablet or smartphone device, pause at any time, and resume watching on their Xbox 360 when they arrive back home.

Microsoft also showed off how movies and television programs can use Xbox Smart Glass to display complimentary information on their smart phone or tablet alongside their television. Examples include watching Game of Thrones on your television (Xbox) and have realtime information on your phone or tablet which includes episode information, such as the cast and stars.

Game developers will also implement Smart Glass in their games. An example from Halo 4 allows players to view in-game statistics from their tablet or phone via the Halo Waypoint service. The information is updated in realtime.


Smart Glass is set to launch this fall on the Xbox 360, Windows Phone, Android, iOS and Windows 8.

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