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DeRoyalServers – A Gaming Rant Initiative + Wii U Giveaway

If you’re a fan of our giveaways, please give this article a read.

DeRoyalServers is an all-purpose hosting firm created and operated by Gaming Rant.

The goal with DRS is to, obviously, sustain some kind of income so we can continue to offer up and pay for new and exciting video game giveaways. But, it’s more than that, really. We’re attempting to completely change the way websites, game servers and reseller networks operate.

See, what mostly sets us apart from the other services out there is, quite simply, we’re not greedy little f**ks. We just want to provide you guys with a valuable service. That’s all. (plus, most of the money we make will go towards you guys in some way or form, either to pay for upcoming giveaways, or to develop new features for the Gaming Rant network)

DeRoyalServers is currently selling $1 website hosting plans, with more features and services set to release over the next couple of months. Signing up for this extremely inexpensive hosting plan will show us that someone out in the interweb-land appreciates what we’re doing. (even if we’re not doing a whole heck of a lot, at least it shows that you care about GR)

So, please, show your support for Gaming Rant, and all of our future giveaways, by signing up for our $1 website hosting service. Your support will literally help shape the future of our website. (and we’ll finally be able to advertise, so there’s more than just a few hundred people a day)

As for a new giveaway announcement?  If we’re able to get enough active websites hosted at DRS, we’ll give away a brand new Nintendo Wii U. No, not that crappy white version, but the premium black. You know, the one that’s actually worth getting?

Just follow the DeRoyalServers Twitter account and you’ll be entered automatically to win.


If you’re interested in supporting Gaming Rant, please sign up for the DRS $1 website hosting from the below address. (note: when choosing a domain name, please select the sub-domain option, and only enter your domain in lowercase letters)

Remember, if we don’t get enough dough to fund the giveaway, quite simply, nothing will be given away.  So, please, please, we beg of you, sign the heck up for our $1 website hosting!  Do it for the sake of all that is free stuff! Do it!  (you know you want to)  


Thank you, and have a wonderful week!

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