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A Few Changes

Spammers have made Gaming Rant their digital home, and because of their idiocy, Gaming Rant has thousands of registered spammers using the site each and every day.
To make matters worse, a bug with our administrative interface prevented us from disabling these scumbags, and deleting them from our network. That’s why we’ve decided to go ahead and disable our entire social network completely. Unfortunately, disabling our entire network was our only available option.

Not to worry, though. Gaming Rant is still going to kick around. Starting today, we’re going back to our roots. Gaming Rant started all the way back in 2010 as an editorial platform, with the sharing of ‘friend codes’ on the side.
Now, we’re going to restore our editorial glory, and commit ourselves to writing a new editorial every week. It’s the least we can do, considering that we somehow still get thousands of unique visitors every month.

We also intend to do a cross promotion between Ty’s Blog and Gaming Rant. Basically, if you want serious gaming goodness, you’ll want to subscribe to the Gaming Rant Newsletter. However, if you’re interested in random humor, Ty’s Blog is the place to be.

So, consider this a new beginning for GR. That is, our old roots rejuvenated.

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