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From Dots to Photorealism: The Decades Old Debate on Graphics (Part 1)

Why? Why do people still complain about graphics in video games?

Let’s break it down in a language that we can all understand: Unreal Engine 4 > Pong. No shit, right? So lets move it a bit further: Unreal Engine 4 > Super Mario Bros. And further still: Unreal Engine 4 > Mortal Kombat. FURTHER!!!: Unreal Engine 4 > Goldeneye. AND FURTHER!!!: Unreal Engine 4 > God of War. FURTHER STILL!!! Unreal Engine 4 > Crysis. Lastly. Unreal Engine 4 > The Last of Us.

Do you know how I know this? BECAUSE I’VE SEEN IT WITH MY OWN EYES!!! OOOoooooOOOooAAAAAAAaaaaaAAaAa!

Ridiculous. Graphics are supposed to progress and they have. Just because a game has been in development hell for tens of years (Duke Nukem Forever) does not mean that when it’s released, it should have the most amazing graphics in the world. There’s a line in the sand between people whose favorite games are the graphics powerhouses released on consoles/PC and the usual fodder. There SHOULD be a flux in this line. If at first the game shows that there aren’t any mind-blowing graphics…move onto the story and atmosphere. The game Deadly Premonition was a masterpiece compared to Crysis storywise, but it had the graphics of a PS2 game. We should value content in the absence of a graphics demo, lest we all become whores for pretty lights and textures waved in our face.

Now I know what you’re thinking: “BUT ROBERT, YOU HAVE A PS4, YOU’RE A GRAPHICS WHORE TOO.” And to that I say…stay tuned for part 2…

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