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Framerate-A-Go-Go: The Irrational Argument of This Generation

Humans can see from 10-1000 frames of movement per second to catch any kind of fluidity. What’s the difference between 10 and 20 or 900 and 1000? Nothing much, just our brain compensating for the faster flicker. What framerate are most motion pictures? The answer is 24 frames per second. When do gamers who have nothing else to argue about cut the framerate bar? Usually at about 60 frames per second, which is a 36 frame difference than the movie they just watched before popping in Watch_Dogs. Did they go to the projectionist and complain of the low framerate of the movie? Probably not. If they had, the authorities would have been called and the entire debacle would make the culprit a laughing stock among his peers.

Why do we argue about such a frivolous topic? Are we that fucking bored with the video games that we have to argue about every single facet and nuance within the coding and engine until we’re merely speculating about a game’s inner working at an almost molecular level? FUCK! Again, I must say: YOU ARE THE REASON THAT MAINSTREAM VIDEO GAMES ARE DOG SHIT! Really? Really? You’re going to pick apart everything? Just enjoy the game! You spent $60 dollars (or not) and you can do nothing but complain? Now I will be the first proponent for QUALITY STORY or GOOD DIALOGUE or GREAT MECHANICS, but graphics and the ability to run something at 4K and 120 frames per second is not a quintessential trait of a good game.

How many more Call of Dutys or Battlefields or Halos or Assassin’s Creeds need to come out before we finally snap out of this idiocy?

And that’s what it is ladies and germs, idiocy. Of the grandest scale. To me, it’s like arguing over the best hamburger between McDonald’s and Burger King. Same shit, different toilet.

Unless you’re John Nash, I highly doubt you’d be able to discern 20fps from 60fps. I know that sometimes things can bog down a game when you’ve got a lot of particles and shit flying around. Thank god for SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS though, otherwise there’d be IDIOTS installing software THAT DOESN’T WORK PROPERLY ON THEIR SYSTEM. Good thing people who argue about framerate usually listen to that kind of stuff though, right?

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