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Sadness & Heartbreak of the Consumer: Delaying Games

My heart hurts. It hurts because one of my most anticipated games of this year…Batman: Arkham Knight, was delayed. I am distraught. I love Rocksteady’s vision of Gotham City and their mostly “The Animated Series” universe of Batman that they’ve created. They have created an amazing game series, which will later (rather than sooner) become a trilogy. Without this fresh spin on the comic book lore that was in both Asylum & City (not including Origins because it’s not canon), I would have little interest in DC franchise game. The last couple Superman games have been complete shit, but I was pleasantly surprised by Rocksteady’s efforts.

Now that the last puzzle piece in this epic trilogy is delayed until 2015, I’ll have to play the plethora of Indie games that are offered for free on PS+, not that they aren’t great…but they aren’t Batman. Delayed games anger me greatly. Some of the most memorable were Duke Nukem Forever and The Last Guardian. Duke Nukem Forever finally did come out, but it wasn’t the polished diamond that the gaming world was expecting. The Last Guardian was never released, but just the previews made you tear up. Why must companies do this to consumers?

Other examples, as I’ve pointed out in previous posts, are the actual hardware itself. They pump out hardware at an unbelievable rate and then the software gets delayed because they’re not logistically ready for any kind of release. As much as I love Sony, they have very few games on the PS4 this far into the console’s life. I could have sworn that the X360 had a gaggle of games both in its launch and its 8th month out. I could be wrong and this could be par for the course, but almost every Sony exclusive has been delayed this gen. The Order: 1866 is another example of Sony’s delays. It looks like it may end up being a good game, but for fuck’s sake…STOP TEASING CONSUMERS!

Sooner or later we will get tired of being teased and we just won’t buy your fucking product. You’ll become the flavor of the month. Shit, Sega rarely did that and they had to become a third-rate publisher because they couldn’t keep up with demand and change. Answer: DON’T TEASE THE CONSUMER, THE LOYAL CONSUMER, THE ONE WHO HAS BEEN WITH YOU FROM THE BEGINNING!

Otherwise, you’re fucked.

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