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[Rant] PC Gaming: Alive, Well, and Living in Miami.

PC gaming apparently has the most sales and users per capita, because everybody has a fucking computer. Unfortunately, they group shitty Facebook games by companies like Zynga in with releases from the bigger publishers. The two big guns in PC gaming are Valve and EA. They both have their own platforms, Steam and Origin respectfully. Steam is the juggernaut in PC gaming and the best of the two, in my opinion. It’s just sleeker and easier to use. BUT!!!! The DRM is tighter than a fat Asian girl and Origin’s is somehow WORSE in that vein. Other services like GOG (Good Ol’ Games) and Gamer’s Gate have no DRM, but have no client. GOG is working on a client at the moment they may be a small bit of competition for the big 2, but that remains to be seen.

The Console Wars definitely took a huge chunk out of the prospective PC market. In all actuality and contrary to what MANY believe, consoles are really not needed at all. The addition of consoles into the video game market has diluted a lot of what could have made video games great. Now instead of wars between publishers, we have wars between publishers with separate platforms. It’s exhausting and financially devastating to gamers. But it’s honestly too late to bitch about something that’s been going on for 30 years. My greater judgment tells me that consoles will continue for another 50 or so years, until even consoles will be downloadable or some high-tech weird shit.

A downloadable console isn’t out of question because of such things as Steam Machines, which are essentially PCs built around Steam’s OS platform. But when you think about it, all consoles are downloadable eventually with emulation and such. I think it’ll just be implemented to a higher degree later on. Alright, that’s enough from me.

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