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Steam – Still The Most Unreliable Gaming Network Known To Nerd?

Exactly four years ago this very minute,  I wrote about Steam being the most unreliable gaming network around. Unfortunately, this statement is still true to this day. Steam continues to go down for routine maintenance every single Tuesday of every single week. I mean, what? What the hell could they be doing every god damn Tuesday to actually justify a maintenance period?

Not only that, but we also have random outages throughout the week with no prior notice or explanation. Take Wednesday for example, which is actually when I’m writing this article. We had an unexplainable and unannounced outage that lasted roughly fifteen minutes on Wednesday September 14th. Why? No idea, and I doubt we’ll ever truly know. But that doesn’t mean that it didn’t happen. I was there, I saw it with my own four eyes. (I wear glasses, so am a nerd; exposed)

Steam is unreliable. It’s offline every week. So why the hell is no one complaining? I mean, if Xbox Live or PlayStation Network went down every single Tuesday, you’d have a very vocal audience of disgruntled gamers. Not only that, but there’d also be a ton of media coverage, and players would flock to the next best system en masse. Valve shouldn’t get a pass just because they’re Valve. Same applies to Sony, Microsoft, or Nintendo. If the services that these companies provide stop functioning for any duration of time, there should be a public demand for improvement. People should complain. They should bitch like little girls, because it’s the right and natural thing to do.

But for Valve, it just doesn’t happen. People shrug it off like it’s nothing. That’s what pisses me off the most. Not the fact that Steam is offline every single week, but instead, the fact that no one appears to be upset by this. The fact that virtually everyone is totally fine and happy with these weekly downtimes. They’ve managed to self justify these outages with their delusional minds. “It’s maintenance, so it’s fine.”

No, it’s not fine. And it never will be.



Oh, and I wasn’t kidding when I said that the original article was published exactly four years ago. That article went online at 12:04 AM Eastern Time on September 16th, 2012. Since I’m writing this article on September 14th, I figured I’d be clever and schedule it to be published on September 16th at 12:04 AM. Cause you know, times and things.

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