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Gaming Rant is a Sidular operation. We primarily write gaming editorials, and have a heavy focus on the indie side of the industry. Since our inception in 2010, we’ve served hundreds of thousands of visitors, though our popularity has since died down due to general inactivity. We still write, just not as often as we’d like to.

Gaming Rant was originally created as a replacement for NDS Friend Codes, all the way back in February of 2010. Since then, we’ve evolved and changed quite a bit, and even became a social networking website, before ultimately falling into our current editorial platform. The below images are from the original website, well before we transitioned to WordPress. (2010-2011)

Now, it wasn’t the best of times for Gaming Rant way back then, mostly because of how absolutely horrendous our design was. Of course, as we transitioned over to WordPress, we started to use some more professional-grade themes and templates. With WordPress, we began to publish weekly articles that covered various aspects of the video game industry, and would even throw up a review every now and again. And in 2012, we became a social networking website that used the popular WordPress plugin BuddyPress as a base. Most of the features of our network were entirely custom, and far beyond what Steam was doing at the time. And while this obviously can’t be confirmed, we strongly believe that Steam copied us, feature for feature. :p

When we operated as a social network, we had tens of thousands of registered users. While still competitively small, we were quickly growing in popularity, and eventually, we were getting 100,000 unique monthly visitors.
And then something broke…

We used to be rather proud of our security system, which was custom developed at the time. With it, absolutely zero spammers were able to join our network. Except, eventually we got lazy, and with Steam rapidly catching up to us, we started to rush out some unfinished features to hopefully stay a step above Valve’s platform. This, in turn, got us hacked, and our security system was compromised. Spammers made Gaming Rant their home, which ultimately resulted in us shutting down the entire network as a whole.
You can view the original closure announcement here.

We’ve been operating as an editorial platform ever since, with the only real changes since then being site design. The current design that you see today is most likely not going to be our last, and it was definitely not our first. Just for fun, here’s a screenshot of the design we used between March 25th, 2014 to December 16th, 2015.

And that’s basically it, as far as our history goes. We’ve had a very interesting past, starting out with what was most likely the worst designed website of 2010, transitioning to a popular social networking website, getting hacked, and then ultimately doing what we’re doing today; editorials and articles.


Name: Tyler Harvey
Bio: Tyler is the main man behind Gaming Rant, having created the website in February of 2010. In addition to being Gaming Rant’s only active administrator, he’s also a video game designer, entrepreneur, and website hosting professional.


Currently, we have no active writers.

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