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Social Networking Reimagined

Gaming Rant is a social network and giveaway platform with a twist. 

Established 2010

Gaming Rant first came online in 2010, and has since gone through a fair number of revisions. First as a place to “rant” about gaming, and then as a media outlet, we’ve once again in 2019 gone back to our social networking roots.

Parent Company

Gaming Rant is independently owned and operated by a small Canadian company called Sidular. We have a long history in the video game industry, and operate a wide range of websites and services, including this one.

Meet The Team

Tyler Harvey

Founder, Head Administrator

 I’m a self-proclaimed web personality that also happens to be the founder of Sidular. Some call me weird, others call me boss. My imaginary hamster doesn’t call me anything, because he’s imaginary.