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Advertise On Two Sites

Advertising on Gaming Rant and PSXExtreme is an easy, cost-effective way to promote your website, game or brand.

$10 – Single Month

We’ll run your ad for a period of 30 days, and will also display it on our sister website, Ty’s Blog.

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$20 – Two Months

We’ll run your ad for a period of 60 days, and will also display it on our sister website, Ty’s Blog.

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$45 – Lifetime 

We’ll run your ad for as long as we are online, and will also display it on our sister website, Ty’s Blog.

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Step 1

Select from one of the three options above, and finalize your PayPal payment.

Step 2

Send us your desired 200×200 banner, as well as the website you would like to advertise.
(Note: provide PayPal transaction # in email)

Step 3

Wait while we confirm your information. If all goes as planned, we’ll have your advertisement up and running within 24 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Am I Allowed To Advertise?

A. Anything, as long as it remains legal and relatively child friendly. (ie. no porn)

Q. Do You Provide a Money Back Guarantee?

A. No, all transactions are final.

Q. How Many People Will View My Ad?

A. That depends on which duration you choose. Anywhere from 850 to 2,500 on the duration-based plans, and a nearly infinite number of views on the Lifetime plan. (since it never expires)

Q. How Do I Maximize Clicks?

A. We suggest hiring a professional to design your advertisement for you, as well as to advertise a website or service that relates to our readers interests. Basically, if you’re going to advertise an antique store, you won’t get many clicks.

Q. Can I Track My Ad Performance?

A. Not at this time, no. Though, this is definitely a planned feature, moving forward.

Q. Why Should I Advertise Here?

A. Gaming Rant receives hundreds of unique visitors every month, and thousands of unique page views. In addition to Gaming Rant, you’ll also be advertising on Ty’s Blog, which shares similar statistics to our own. Plus, our Lifetime ad campaign provides the absolute best bang for your buck, as it never expires.

Q. Lifetime Advertising? How Does That Work?

A. Basically, it’s an ad campaign that never ends. You pay once, and the advertisement is circulated throughout our system indefinitely.

Site Statistics

Monthly Visitors

200 – 600

Monthly Pageviews

400 – 3000