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08 Aug

[Rant] PC Gaming: Alive, Well, and Living in Miami.

PC gaming apparently has the most sales and users per capita, because everybody has a fucking computer. Unfortunately, they group shitty Facebook games by companies like Zynga in with releases from the bigger publishers. The...

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27 Jul

[Editorial] How Sales Help and Harm the Industry.

How do sales of a console translate to a better gaming experience? Some would argue that they don’t, but some would also argue that without a game or console selling, many multi-million selling franchises wouldn’t...

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18 Jul

Featured Indie: Retro Runner

Stratum Games are a relatively unknown indie game collective based in Toronto. They are also the sole proprietors of their newest indie sensation, Retro Runner. This game is about as nostalgic as it gets. You...

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06 Jul

[Editorial] The History of DLC and Its Hold On Video Gaming

Downloadable Content or DLC has become the route for which all popular (and some Indie) games have taken to further the life of their product. The biggest impact that this poses for gamers is that...

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28 Jun

[Interview] Thomas Bowker, developer of the indie game, LYNE.

Firstly, I'd like to acknowledge that the game LYNE is probably one of the best puzzle games I've played in 2014. Thomas Bowker was kind enough to grant Gaming Rant an exclusive interview about the...

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15 Jun

A Harsh Look At E3 2014: After the Fact

E3, a smorgasbord of gaming delights watched by MILLIONS and MILLIONS of gamers worldwide. All the big names show up in style to show us some trailers or gameplay of their respected franchises, new and...