Borderlands 2 Giveaway – PS3, Xbox 360 or PC [CLOSED]

Ty Harvey

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  • GamingRant

    Please also be aware that this contest is intended to test how popular contests will be on the Gaming Rant website.

    Also note that Borderlands 2 has yet to be released, and has a TBA (To Be Announced) release date of 2012. Once we have a confirmed release date, we’ll pre-order a copy of Borderlands 2 from Steam (if winner chooses digital PC download) or (if winner chooses a physical copy).

    If the contest does not receive enough user entries, the contest will be cancelled without prior notification. If a cancellation occurs, we will *not* select a contest winner, and no game will be given away.

    • Alexa M.

      I want this game from the moment I saw the announcement on gearbox forums! Thank you!

  • johnnynguyen68

    Meeee, I want it =)

    • tyler mazzarella

      so cool

    • Taiyoukou-sen

      Are you still accepting entries for this giveaway?
      If so, I hope you do not mind adding me!
      I do not have many opportunities to play good video games due to a lack of a, well, “gaming fund.”

      • Gaming Rant

        Yup, this giveaway is still open.


  • Revitalize1

    This is awesome! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Happynut_Butter

    Cool, thanks!

  • hit_with_stick

    I can haz gaem? No but seriously I think this giveaway thing is really cool.

  • Terrorist5150

    Hello, My name is Jake.

  • MichaelKnight

    Sup names mike and all i have to say is BLARG

  • MichaelKnight


  • MichaelKnight


  • KirkHansson

    YO this is cow101

  • FennecFoxz

    that’s nice

  • FennecFoxz

    that’s nice

  • FreemanXEN

    Hello, nice contest.

  • MinhquanP.Tran

    Hi this is Grox, I like this giveaway. I hope I get it. 🙂

  • AuxZork

    Hrrm. Interesting.. Only have to post a comment to be entered for a free game? Sure! I don’t see why not 😀

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      We even have a similar @ system to that of Twitter.

    • Lex

      Awww yeah baby! I’m heading over there! Thanks!

    • gl to everyone. can’t wait for this game.

  • SillyPants

    I’ve been waiting for Borderlands 2 for so long after borderlands 1 came out. Play that game to death.

    • GamingRant

      @SillyPants You and me both, SillyPants.

  • escimobar

    Oh man oh man I will do things that I won’t necessarily be proud of if I win this.

  • GamingRant

    Sign up for Gaming Rant to get an additional entry into our Borderlands 2 giveaway.

    Just be sure you sign up using the same email address you used to post your comment, otherwise we’d have no way to know who’s who, and cannot grant you another entry.

  • thephilrob

    Is it too late to win?

    • GamingRant

      @thephilrob Yes, the contest is still open. 🙂

  • ErinThornton


  • si3ilante

    I would love a copy.


  • Cory Kusuma


  • tyler mazzarella

    im telling my friends

  • Alex Urbaniak

    this game looks like it would be fun and be yelling at the tv fun

  • Ethan

    Is this contest still open?

    I sure hope so because I would love to win this! I simply cannot wait to play this!

    I just got Borderlands during the Steam Summer Sale and I am loving it.

    Thanks again for the giveaway!

    • Gaming Rant

      Yes, this contest is still open.
      However, Gaming Rant has changed a lot since we originally announced this giveaway. Although we will still give away a free copy of Borderlands 2, we can no longer guarantee that the game will be given away at the games release.

      Our original sponsor dropped out, and we have yet to find a new one to take their place. If we’re unable to find a new sponsor, I will personally pay for this giveaway myself. So, no matter what, this game will eventually be given away.

      Be advised, the FAQ and other things that have been previously said in the comments above are outdated, as a result of the various changes we’ve made to the site since we started this giveaway.
      Due to the high volume of traffic to this page, and the Google rank we have been receiving, we’ll try to clean it all up a bit, to make it look more ‘official’.

      In the mean time, we recommend for you to join the Gaming Rant network. Gaming Rant is a social networking community for gamers. Think of us as your Twitter and Steam Community alternative.

      • Earthwalker

        Thank you for your response!

        I’ve been looking at your site and I find it pretty interesting. So I ended up joining more for the site and less for the giveaway!

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  • |UKMD| BurgerTank

    Lucky tank must get lucky. Must have Borderlands 2!

  • Doug

    I just put in two hours tonight to get back into Borderlands such a bad ass game

  • Jaanus


  • Deku Miguel

    This is a comment, I got lucky with a give away last summer or so, and knowing the rules of probability that will make it so I lose this, but hey why not try!

  • Sam

    Crossing fingers. Love borderlands!!

  • DV8

    Looking forward to more guns, guns, guns!

  • TeRroR

    I am in! 😀

  • Hassan

    Can I pwease enter! really want it!

  • Ben Jackson

    I loved Borderlands! Can’t wait for the sequel 🙂

  • Livingdeaddave

    I can not wait for this game to come out. First playthrough is gonna be ninja-snipertastic!

  • Zulqarnain

    Thanks alot for this gaveaway, i really hope i can win!

  • I would love to get my mitts on this game.

  • Andy B

    Winning Borderlands 2 would be awesome! I spent A LOT of hours on the first game.

  • mikhail

    very great game it will be fantastic if i win
    and thanks for this event

  • jepex

    i’m in 🙂

  • uf111

    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  • Enkishu

    Thanks for the giveaway. Perhaps luck will be kind enough to deliver Borderlands 2 into my hands.

  • MaxHarleyTaylor

    Can’t wait to pour hours of time into this game! gonna be sweeeeeet!

  • RyRy

    OMG must win this!! i cant get it any other way 😛

  • Ace

    Loved borderlands i would go MENTAL over borderlands 2 (In a good way) if i got it ;D
    But… empty pockets! My Nemesis!!!
    Help me gaming rant… Your my only hope!

  • FellSeraph

    I can;t begin to explain how much I want this game. After spending more than I intended to upgrade my computer, I won’t be able to afford the game any time soon. If it helps, though, were I to win, I would start a playthrough series on youtube and thank profusely as a sponsor, or simply to thank you guys for the game. Think of it as free advertising for the game and for I’m just now able to record gameplay and I would love to be the go-to destination for Borderlands 2 information. I will sit with fingers crossed until the winner is announced.
    Thanking you in advance for your time and consideration (and hopefully the game),
    Peter – FellSeraph

    • Gaming Rant

      Just wanted to notify you that this giveaway is entirely random. Although it is possible to increase the odds of winning, our custom giveaway system is 100% automatic.

      In addition, registering or commenting using two accounts or names will void your entry. (other people, not you specifically, have been trying to cheat the system. Although their entries are still shown online, they will no longer be eligible to win)

  • Zombine

    Also Borderlands 2 looks sweet!

  • ArtsyTech

    Oh, man! I want BL2 so badly…

    Thanks guys!

  • Cim

    Excellent contest, thanks!

  • This game is SO awsome i played and beat borderlands 2 all the way to level 69 45 hours guys!

  • Ravak

    I would be so damn happy If I won this after the crappy month I’ve had.

  • Borderlands 2 looks awesome so i wouldn’t mind getting a free copy

  • BRXT

    I really hope, I win this one. Really, after playing Mass Effect 3, I just need a great game like this to forget what I saw 😀

  • jneatherlin

    super pumped about this game!!

  • jneatherlin

    following @gamingrant and tweeted!

  • Redsox

    I would love to play Borderlands 2 but I’m also low on cash. Would be amazing to win this!

  • Blue

    I thoroughly enjoyed the first game, and hope that the sequel will be twice as good. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Cheddy

    I would love #2!

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  • juliefoo

    I’d like to be included in on the borderlands giveaway! I’ve been waiting for the release of the game, but can’t afford it now that it’s out 🙁

  • juliefoo

    i made a group and invited 30+ people!

  • pingboyman

    My comment: elephants like to wear purple socks

  • tofu28

    I would love this game.

  • bloodage

    this is awesome i hope i get borderlands 2 for my pc

  • Seth

    #Xbox woooooooooooo hopefully ill win

  • Hajeil Sounak

    I’d like a chance at winning a Borderlands 2 Steam key please.

  • eatfoodnow

    in case I replied in the incorrect place, i’ll comment again here.

  • Dizzy771

    I want this game so badly but i dont have enough cash right now….. I am hoping to get a steam key so i can get it on my pc and record it. I hope i win it would absolutely make my day (figuratively of course, in all reality it would probably make my year)

  • shomi3141


  • Xbox 360 just putting that out there, and thank you if i don’t win. Its always good to see fellow gamer’s going out there way to help other gamer’s. Well that’s how i see it when i have extra im the same way and if one of my friends need and i have the means. But still congrats to those that do win.

  • em2000

    I will enter, I will have it on pc.

  • Captain Sidekick

    Oh man! Borderlands2! Exciting!

  • pianoman5599

    Spent all my money on Madden 13…hoping I win lol

  • rmg3dunn

    Hoping I win 🙂

  • gavinedunn

    I want this game so bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • megabob123

    Borderlands 1 was sick so I’m thinking the sequel won’t let me down 😉

  • Rexsomnii

    In for the giveaway! Also followed on twitter and tweeted ! Good luck to all !

  • darkbloodwolf44

    count me in gents cant wait!

  • Gutefe

    Sorry about the sponsor, I hope you guys find a new one soon, your work is amazing!
    Will try my luck here, been waiting to play this game for soo long… twitted too!

  • kazpajosh

    I would love the game please mate.

  • Barry

    Can’t wait to gte my hands on this game!

  • Hey, hoping to get borderlands 2 even though i never played the first one 😛 if i don’t win i may get it for Christmas.

  • Don

    I`m in! Thx

    • Don

      Registered 🙂

  • Matt Johnson

    I’m in, Good luck everyone. Thank you Gaming Rant for this awesome give away. o(^-^)o

  • I would like to enter, if it’s not to late.

  • Thats cool the game is nice and so is this give away..thank u..

  • Malek Taktak

    Hi! I’m a “PC Gamer”, and this is one of the hottest Gaming subjects right now.

    I wish I had pre-ordered it, but unfortunately, I was short on money, now my only hope is to wait for some kind of sale, which will probably never happen..

    I would absolutely explode in rainbows of happiness if this was bestowed upon me.

    Thank you!

  • I’d love to enter, assuming the contest is still open 😮

    Here’s my twitter account for the purpose of the extra entry stuff:

  • Daedalos42

    I would love to win a copy of Borderlands 2 for the Xbox 360!

    My Twitter:

    Comment moderated – removed personal information from public display

  • Ninjabunnyz

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    Following on twitter @ninjabunyz1


    And of course I’m registered to this site!

    Thanks again!

    PS, On the small chance that I win, I would love the PC version!

  • Kreap255

    Happy to join this giveaway! 😀
    Following on twitter @ThatOneDude_255 and I’m also registered to the site. Again, thanks for the giveaway, would really enjoy to win this, as I loved the first Borderlands.

  • Crash~

    Hey, I want this game so bad.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Kent Karma

    I want this to play with my g/f since we are hooked on Borderlands. I hope I win for PS3!

  • Clayton C.

    I would love a copy for the PC. I loved the original and it looks like the sequel is even better.
    Following on twitter (@x_clay)
    Tweeted –
    Also created an account 🙂

  • Tanner Fagan

    Played the first Borderlands and it was one of my favorite games, I friend of mine has the game for the xbox. While it is fun to play I am too busy with collage to go over and play it alot with him. I have a PS3 it will be nice to play it after my homework is done.

  • Eddy

    I recently hopped on the Borderlands train and I’m really hooked. Hopefully I can win number 2 in this awesome series 🙂

  • ropes

    Tweeted on twitter as @ropes
    Created an account


  • Ryan Roebuck

    I want this game so bad thank you for the giveaway.

  • Ive never won anything before so sign me up please.

  • Matt

    Borderlands is such an amazing game, awesome choice of giveaway!

  • Kyle

    I would love to be able to play borderlands with my friends!

  • N3zNine

    Would love be able to enter this giveaway :DD

    Thanks for having this contest!

  • Entrux

    Hey guys, Would definately love to be able to kick butt with my friends online 😛 Cheers!

  • Ceaser

    Would love to have a copy of borderlands!Thanx

  • LinkGCN123

    After seeing the RT vids on this game I knew I had to have it, but don’t have the money. Hope I win!

  • jeff fagundes

    sounds good

  • Jun Kim

    I would love a Borderlands 2 PC copy!!!

  • Bestnameever10

    Borderlands was such a great game and unfortunately I count afford a copy of the sequel. I have heard soo many good things not that I didn’t already know this was going to be a great game.

  • daniel

    hell yea!

  • Gary Smith

    Would love to win a PS3 copy. I followed and tweeted.

  • NemesisxII

    I’d love a copy of this game for PC!

  • rtka1234

    I’m in for the giveaway and im a big fan of Borderlands! I think its a good thing that there are some originality left in the gaming industry!

  • Hopea

    I want this game so much.

  • Liam

    I’d love a copy of this on PS3

  • rabbit

    I’d love a copy for pc *-*

  • i want one!! please give me one!!

  • LilHa

    So freaking damned nice game 😀 Saw my friends playing, watched gameplay on youtube and now I wanna win this game <3

  • Thespoon3

    If the contest is still up count me in. PC preferable.

    Thanks for the chance to win.

    Wub wub wub wub wub.
    Unce unce unce.
    Look at me I’m dancing! I’m dancing!

  • Seyzm

    If the giveaway is still up I would like to enter.
    I’d like to have it on PC.
    Thank you very much !

  • Richard Lint

    I really want this game but I don’t feel like spending $60 on it right now because I’m saving up for a car… It would be nice to win it though! 😀

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  • is this still going on?

    • Gaming Rant

      Yup, it’s still going on.

  • The King Spycrab

    All of my friends are playing Borderlands 2. It looks like a great game, and since steam deleted my Borderlands 1, I want to get in on the action! Lets just hope if I get it, my computer will have enough hard drive space!

  • Dax

    I want this game so bad

  • korn


  • materus

    it work ?

  • Semsos

    I’m in 😀

  • Heygay

    Sup dawgs

  • Ivan Cheng

    Great give-away!

  • joshua juanputra

    i want the game that for PC!!!

    please!! i played the first one!

  • tyran

    just found out bout tis hope i win i really want it nobody has hacked it yet no good ones id apperciate it

  • No work. No money
    I want this game honey!

  • Martin Chrtan

    Well theres next to no chance of me winning but il give it a go 😀

  • Felipe De Assis Pinto

    Boderlands 2 rocks!! need it for pc xDD
    good luck for all

  • amerp

    I want this game, i never win anything 😀

  • Bluee

    Would be great if I will get this, XBOX 360 please.