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Rumor: Backwards Compatibility To Return To The PS3 Via Gaikai

Remember this thing? The “fatty” PlayStation 3? The original 60GB model may have cost $600 at launch back in 2006, but it played every PS1 title, and most PS2 games. 

After that, each successive model cut back on the backwards compatibility, and eventually, removed PS2 compatibility from the system altogether. So how would you like to get full B/C back? 

According to a article, Sony will announce a cloud gaming partnership with Gaikai that will allow all current PS3 models to play PS2 and PS1 software via a streaming cloud solution. All you need to instantly start playing PS2 and PS1 software titles again on your shiny (or finger-print resistant) PS3 slim console, is a subscription to the PlayStation Plus premium service. 

Although this hasn’t been made official just yet, we can expect to hear more at this years E3 conference.