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PlayStation Vita – Price Cut Imminent

PSXExtreme, one of the leading PlayStation news websites on the internet, has recently asked non-Vita owners why they haven’t yet purchased a console, and a whopping 37% of voters answered with “it’s too expensive.”

The Vita, priced at $250 for the Wifi model, is the most powerful portable gaming device in the world, and is competing directly with the Nintendo 3DS.

Although the PlayStation Vita isn’t at a complete standstill, it could certainly be doing much better in the sales department, which may force Sony to take some drastic measures, primarily in the form of a price cut.

No price reductions have officially been confirmed as of this writing, there is a near certainty that Sony will announce something soon.

How soon? Only time will tell.  We just hope it’ll happen before the world is supposed to end later this year. :p


Do you think there will be a price cut soon? What will it be reduced to?

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