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Xbox One – Our Long Overdue Judgement

Wall-E + Skynet = Xbox One

Xbox One

Gaming Rant isn’t dead, nor is it alive. We’re kind of just here, yet also there. The point is, we’re posting again, and unfortunately, it’s about the next generation of NSA-friendly gaming.

The Xbox One has been under some heavy fire lately, mostly from angry consumers and media journalists who see the privacy aspects, or lack of such aspects, as being a major breach in our own security. To essentially have an eye and ear within our living rooms, that you can never fully turn off. The Xbox One is capable of watching, hearing and understanding each and every single thing we do or say at all hours of the day. It watches you sleep, it watches you eat, it watched you f***. It’s always connected to the internet, and the Kinect sensor is always connected to you. It can even hear your hearbeat, and can tell if you’re about to have a heart attack while enjoying the latest bullshit fad with inaccurate motion functionalities. The technology itself would be seen as being revolutionary, if not for the very simple and real fact that it scares the living shit out of every single one of us. That kind of takes away the general ‘aw’ we should otherwise be having with Microsoft’s latest high-end toy.

The future of the Xbox One is likely to be a bright one, at least in the eyes of the once mighty tech giant; Microsoft. They’ve designed one hell of a multimedia device, capable of doing a ton of rather useless things, and looking good while doing them. To them, success is translated to the simple language of “i’m richer than you are”, which in Greek means “Me Money Is More Than You Money, So Me Money Is Success”. Success can also be determined by how many teenage girls you can theoretically spy on during the middle of the night, thanks to the spectacular technology found within the always-on Kinect sensor. Ten girls, and you have yourself a very successful console.

In all seriousness, the Xbox One is likely to be an international failure. Microsoft is putting the entire Xbox brand on the line, and it’s a line that they should never have crossed. The question now is; can Microsoft pull some kind of magical recovery out of their greedy white asses, or will this mark the failure of the entire brand?

The fall of the Xbox will shine a dull light on the game industry as a whole. They were once a very powerful brand, and when power falls, it can never truly recover. (proof:  Rome)


What’s your take on the Xbox One? Do you believe Microsoft is making a huge mistake? How will the One affect the future of the game industry?

Leave a comment, and let us know!