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GameRant vs GamingRant

We’re Not The Same Site!


It seems to be a common misconception that Gaming Rant was created with the intention to trick our readers into thinking that we are affiliated with Game Rant.  Quite simply, we are not affiliated with anyone.

However, since there are many out there that are more than happy to compare GameRant with GamingRant, please let me inform you of the facts.

  1. While GamingRant was created six months after GameRant, neither site had any knowledge of the others existence until early 2011.
  2. The GamingRant logo was designed with paint splatter effects and a big ‘GR’ on the day of our launch, while the GameRant logo was later modified to look similar to ours.
  3. GamingRant was originally created to be a friend code and online gamer ID sharing database, similar to NDS Friend Codes, which was the original friend code sharing website that we ran from 2007 till 2011. (reaching over 13 million total hits)
  4. After the closure of NDS Friend Codes, Gaming Rant restructured to become a news and editorial platform. Opinionaided and biased, Gaming Rant gained thousands of loyal readers throughout 2011 and 2012.
  5. Gaming Rant then became a social networking website for gamers, with the hopes of competing against Twitter and Facebook. We gained partnerships with large gaming communities and e-Sport organizations.

Sure, Gaming Rant may be focusing on editorials and other gaming crap, we are not in any way attempting to compete with So please, stop trying to compare us with them. Honestly, we’re nothing alike! They have daily articles, we have monthly articles. They have game reviews, we have monthly articles. They have previews and interviews, we have  more monthly articles!

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