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Some More Information – Future of Gaming Rant



A while back I wrote about the current status of the Gaming Rant website. In that post, I clarified that Gaming Rant was in fact here to stay, and would remain online for several more years to come. However, I didn’t provide information on what it was we would be doing moving forward, and how it differs from how we used to operate prior to 2016.
Today, I feel as though I can finally disclose our plans for Gaming Rant, and how we hope to expand our operations throughout 2016 and beyond.

Gaming Rant will be refocusing our efforts on providing and maintaining a weekly gaming podcast, exclusive written articles and reviews, as well as several new interviews of leading indie talent. We’ve always had something of an indie focus, with us previously interviewing Thomas Bowker, developer of LYNE. So it’s only natural for us to expand upon our indie coverage with more indie coverage. This isn’t to say that we will no longer write about AAA releases, or report on controversial issues. Gaming Rant will always be a place where we freely rant about the problems that plague this industry, and we will continue to do so without holding back.

We’re also creating a centralized place for our users to freely rant about virtually anything that’s on their mind, so long as it’s game related. We’re calling this the Rantroom. So, if you just need to get something off your chest, whether it’s to complain about a missing feature from one of your favourite video games, or a game company for doing something utterly stupid, you can do so in the Rantroom. You’re also able to freely promote your Twitch broadcast, or YouTube videos. Again, the only requirement is that they are video game related.

And finally, Gaming Rant is now a part of the ever growing Sidular Network, which is a network of Sidular operated websites and services. This is mostly to guarantee a safe, reliable, and efficient future where we can expand at our own pace.

That’s it for now. Thank you guys for reading, and for being there for us over these past six years. It’s been one hell of a ride, and a lot has changed since we were first launched, but we’re not quite done just yet. There’s still several years of awesome scheduled for us, and we hope to see you every step of the way.

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