Steam – Most Unreliable Gaming Network Known To Nerd?

Ty Harvey

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  • e92m3

    Well, it’s 2014 now and….steam is still fucking up on a regular basis, just seconds ago in fact….

    It boggles my mind that valve thinks it has any business creating their own special little linux flavor. I also find it incredibly ridiculous that the idiotic steam fans would ever install something called ‘Steam OS’.

    It’s like these kids haven’t been around long enough to remember that we never really wanted steam in the first place and ended up being forced onto it. Oh wait…Most of them haven’t been around long enough to formulate an educated opinion on anything. Damn.

  • Ben

    I totally agree. Everytime I finish a game steam goes offline. Or gets stuck and I have to reinstall the whole thing anyway. Steam moderators don’t even give a crap.


    i honestly hope steam is replaced with someone more reliable.