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[RUMOR] Star Wars Battlefront 3 Back In Development

Although this is nothing more than a rumor, the popularity of the leaked Battlefront 3 gameplay may have tapped into a force more powerful than a mere closure of a development studio.

LucasArts, the company that owns the Star Wars franchise, has recently filed a copyright claim against the leaked Battlefront 3 video from YouTube, resulting in the video being removed from the video sharing website entirely.

Although the removal of the leaked video is truly a great shame for fans of the Battlefront series, it does provide us with the potentially positive indication that LucasArts is actively monitoring the online popularity of Battlefront 3, and as a video game publisher, they know that fan popularity almost always results in extra software sales, resulting in an enormously large amount of money for everyone involved in the games development.

That’s why, even without the original development studio working on the game, there is a very good chance that another developer will pick up the development rights.

To go one step further, we’re willing to bet that Battlefront 3 is already in active stealth development by another studio, and that we will see some sort of official announcement from LucasArts before the year is out, possibly even at next months Penny Arcade Expo.


What do you think? Does this rumor have any plausibility behind it? Do we even care about Battlefront anymore? Voice your opinions in the comments!


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