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Steam & Left 4 Dead 2 Officially Coming To Linux


Well, it’s about bloody time Valve decided to make its’ way to the Ubuntu Linux operating system.

According to the blog, Valve has managed to get Left 4 Dead 2 running natively on Ubuntu 12.04 with OpenGL. Although the performance isn’t quite up to snuff with its bigger Windows brother, Valve is working hard to bring the performance to relatively equal terms.

But don’t throw away your bottle of Wine just yet, just because Steam is coming to Linux, doesn’t mean every game will come along with it. In fact, Valve has only announced compatibility with Ubuntu, which is one of the more popular Linux distros on the market.

Now, what does this mean for us Team Fortress 2 lovers? Well, it means we’ll soon get to wear a penguin on our head. It’ll be the Earbud fiasco all over again….and I can’t wait!