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Steam Community Beta + Access Giveaway

Valve just sent out 50,000 invitations to join the Steam Community Beta, and with a userbase of over 25 million, there’s a very good chance that you were not invited to experience the next generation of Steam.

Don’t fret, Gaming Rant’s got you covered. We just so happen to have a spare invitation to give away, that is, of course, if you declare us your king. (More details at the bottom of this article)


Now, for those curious nerdy buggers out there, here’s a detailed description of what’s new. Yes, we’ve even included pretty pictures for you to look at. (note: the images have been cut, and only the top portion is displayed)





Game Hub 


Now, if you’re one of those poor unfortunate souls who didn’t get an invite, now’s your chance.

Gaming Rant will be giving away a free Beta invitation to one lucky individual.

To enter, you must do the following;

1. Post a comment at the bottom of this article.

2. Follow @GamingRant on Twitter

3. Become a Gaming Rant member.


A winner will be chosen on August 18th.


Be sure to also enter our Borderlands 2 giveaway, which can be found here.



(note: more beta information will be added to this article at a later time. For now, pretty pictures will have to do)


      • Earthwalker

        Yeah, I have been thinking about getting one but I haven’t come to a decision yet. I will try to remember to check yours out though!

        • Tyler Harvey

          Also remember, Gaming Rant itself is a powerful alternative to Twitter.
          Just head on over to the Activity page, or to your profile page, and start publishing stuff, just like you would on Twitter.

          We’re actually working on a new version of Gaming Rant. Not sure when it’ll be ready, but one of the new features is the ability to create and manage your own blogs, similar to Blogger.

    • Tyler Harvey

      Congratulations Jepex, you’re the winner!

      Please send me a direct message here on Gaming Rant that contains a link to your Steam profile page, and I’ll give you the key personally. 🙂

      The comments have been closed.

      (you have until August 24th to claim your key, otherwise it’ll go to someone else)

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