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Dronality – Yearly Tradition

It’s Not An Impulse – It’s A Brain Disorder! 

If you’ve purchased at least two Call of Duty games, you’ve probably noticed that not much has changed. Now, if you’re a COD fanatic, change isn’t something you’re interested in. You’re perfectly happy purchasing the same game and modes on an annual basis. However, most loyal COD fans tend to not only buy the core game, but also all the DLC that comes with it. This is something we like to call ‘dronality’, which is a combination of the words drone and loyalty. However, most dronals aren’t actually aware of the amount of money they’re spending on a yearly basis. If you ask a dedicated dronal to estimate how much money his Call Of Duty game is worth, he’ll tell you that he paid $60. Hell, possibly $5 less if he got it on sale.

Most people don’t realize that every year they are actually paying $120 on a single COD video game. You see, Call Of Duty isn’t a finished product when it initially releases to the public. Nope, you’re buying an unfinished ‘core’ version of a video game. In order to get the complete experience, you’ll have to buy four downloadable content packs, each valued at $15. The result? An overpriced video game with no ongoing advancements. $120 for a single game. Don’t you just love the way our industry is heading?

Now, dronality isn’t an exclusive trait to unintelligent video game fans. Nope, the same concept can be applied to virtually anything that is expensive, releases on a yearly basis, and has hardly any kind of additional value. Take, for example, the iPhone 5.
Now, before you go and hate me for being anti-Apple, know that I own a MacBook, a few iPods and an iPod Touch. I’m a fan of Apple’s ideas. They created the current smartphone market.
However, they also release a new product every year, and Apple dronals are more than happy to buy one. It’s as if their iPhone 4S is no longer as ‘smart’ as it used to be, so they go out and buy the latest shiny overpriced gadget. Either it be the iPhone 5, the iPhone 6 in a year; or the iPhone 10 in 5 years; if you’re a dedicated dronal, you simply don’t care what it is you’re truly buying.

So, are you a dronal? Seriously, let us know in the comments. If you dislike our opinions, just go right out and tell us. Fair warning, though; we’re not pansies. If you ‘rant’ at us, we’ll rant right back at you.


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