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Notice Regarding The Advertisements

Gaming Rant has recently joined a third party advertising program with the hopes of receiving more smart cookie-loving members.

However, we were unaware that the advertising party would place our website in pop-up, redirect and pop-under advertisements. Honestly, we just want a valuable and trust-worthy community of gamers, and do not wish to partake in intrusive advertising methods.

So, we would like to formally apologize to anyone who may have visited our website unintentionally. It wasn’t our intention to ‘trick’ you into visiting our website. I mean, we’re internet users, too. We’d absolutely hate to get redirected from one site to another.


We once again deeply apologize. We’re not trying to con you into joining anything, and you’re more than welcome to just close the window, or whatever you did that brought you to our website.



    • Tyler Harvey

      If you’re referring to the advertisements located in the sidebars, those ads are modified based off of your browsing preferences, and are operated by Google.

      So, you must be interested in some rather ‘odd’ stuff to get porn ads on a gaming website. 😛

    • Tyler Harvey

      Sure, and I totally believe you. 🙂

      (ps. why not click on an ad every once in a while? Hardly making any money off of this site. Heck, if you were to join the MyPCBackup service advertised in the sidebar, we could greatly improve the site with the additional revenue received. Might start promoting that service more heavily from now on. Spamming our members is never our intention, but making $0.01 a month off of a relatively popular site isn’t what we had in mind, either)

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