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Borderlands 2 – And The Winner Is….

Well DoneSorry

WhistlingDozing Off...



Going to be announced within the next four days.Big Smile


Between now and then, why don’t you participate on our Forums? If you’re active between now and October 27th, you’ll raise your odds of winning.

Oh, and don’t forget that Gaming Rant is a powerful alternative to Twitter. If you have an account, simply ask people to follow you.


Now, time for a little community action!

What’s your favorite Borderlands 2 class? Who will you play as first? 

Tell us in the comments below, and hey, just for the heck of it, commenting will raise your odds of winning.



ps. sorry about the tease. 😛


  1. Don

    Maya, she cute and know magic :)), first Borderlands i passed with Lilith. Since first Borderlands i missed wasterlands and loot, loot and loot!

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