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Borderlands 2 Giveaway – We Have A Winner!

Seriously, for real this time! 

Yup, no joke, we’ve picked ourselves a winner!

Now, lets begin with the rolling of the drums…

And the winner is….

@nemesisxii (don’t you just love the extra big font?)

Yup, you’ve just won yourself a free copy of Borderlands 2!

We’ve contacted @nemesisxii via a private message, and will be waiting for his/her reply.

If no reply is provided by November 8th, a new winner will be selected at random.


Well, why not congratulate the winner? Sure he beat you during the random draw, and made you all look like complete losers, cause, well, technically, you kinda did lose the giveaway.  But hey! That doesn’t mean you can’t still be nice to the person that won, does it?

So post a thingy in the comments. Congratulate the winner! DO IT!

(oh, and Happy Halloween!)


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