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Introducing GR U!

The First Social Network Developed For Use On The Wii U

(Cool logo, huh?  Yeah, it doesn’t really look like that. Just thought we’d apply a comic-like filter to it for this article. Why? Cause we can)

Introducing the Gaming Rant U social networking website. But, what in the hell is it, and why did we decide to create it separate from the main GR site?

GR U is a network designed for the Wii U. That is, an entire social network. Not just forums, or a simple chat room. A fully-featured social networking website that’s 100% compatible with the Wii U web browser.

Now, why’d we separate it away from the current Gaming Rant networking suite? Well, for one reason, actually.  The current version of GR is filled with unpleasant bugs, and no one likes bugs.
So, rather than fix our current site and make it Wii U compatible, we’ve decided to create another site entirely, and keep our current site riddled with bugs. (until we can fix it, that is, but who knows when that’ll happen?)

So, if you’re interested in Nintendo’s newest gaming console, why not give GR U a quick go around the park? Seriously, we have high hopes for this network.

Not only was it the first full-featured social networking website in the world to be designed entirely with the Wii U browser in mind, it’s also pretty on the eyes.


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