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We Need Your Money! (via donations)

Yup, we’re totally asking for your money! 

Seriously though, operating a social networking website, and all of our other operations, ain’t cheap. It isn’t like we’ve got ourselves a secret stash of magical money fairies at our disposal.

Your donation will allow for us to hire better development gerbils, so we can get all of these horrible bugs and glitches fixed before the world ends.

We’ll also use your hard-earned money to better expand our networks, including our newly created GR U branch.

On a more (actual) serious note, your donations will allow for the Gaming Rant network and all affiliated services to further expand into a more powerful networking solution.

To donate, just click on the dollar sign at the top of this article. You’ll be redirected to our Donation page.

If we earn enough to redo the entire Gaming Rant network, we’ll introduce a fancy new feature called ‘revenue sharing’. This feature, believe it or not, shares the money we make on advertisements with all of our active users.

Thank you for your continued interest in our website and services. We’ve been up and running for over two years, and have no plans of going away any time soon. (unless, of course, the world ends)


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