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The Cult of Fanboys

One thing that I’ve never been able to decipher is the long standing war between “factions” of gamers. Why would gamers want to fight each other based on what system they pledge some fictional devotion to? Maybe they want to make a game out of being a gamer? Who knows? I find it extremely childish and just feeds into the shitty opinion people have of other people who play video games. For those keeping score on what the current factions are:

PC = Hermits

Nintendo = Sheep

Sony = Cows

Microsoft = Lemmings

I honestly have no data from console wars past to tell you what people who were into Sega or Atari were called. But that’s another interesting choice of terminology, CONSOLE WARS. What exactly is being won? Our entertainment does not teeter on the stock price of a company based on how many consoles they sell. So, why do these factions care so much? Are they afraid that if they don’t hold some pseudo-loyalty to a brand name that they’ll fail as a gamer? Does this all have to do with “street-cred” in the digital age? WHAT’S THE POINT?!

As I stated earlier, no sense. Hopefully we’ll break out of this loyalty phenomenon and realize that every platform has their own winners and their own losers. Have fun playing games, don’t let the games have fun playing you.

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