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Console Sales Not Doing So Well? Drop the Price!

This last couple weeks have been a bit silly in the realm of video games. Firstly, we saw a plethora of games that were DELAYED (some for a second time), we saw games that were DELAYED initially be released to shit reviews, and lastly (and most importantly) we saw Microsoft drop the price of the XBOX ONE by $100. One-hundred fucking dollars. One-hundred smackaroos! Keeping it one-hunnit!

The shitty part about this (and the reason I’ve been capitalizing DELAYED) is that if the console had been DELAYED and focus group tested, this would not have happened. Instead, these companies (I’m looking at you Microsoft) release a sub-par product, only to drop its price half a year later because the sales are shit. I’m not even going to mention the sub-par graphics, gameplay, games, interface…etc. because you can go on IGN or Gamespot for that shit. I’m talking about these companies fucking their customer base just to release something at the same time as the other. Nobody talks about this. Nobody brings up this competitive dick-measuring contest that all these companies do with each other while fucking the consumers in the process.

Sega and Nintendo didn’t pull this shit. The Genesis came out 2 years before the SNES and had a plethora of multiplat games, some were even different incarnations of the ones from the other platform. Unheard of now. You buy Watch_Dogs on PS4 or XB1 and they’re identical except for the button schemes. Same button layouts, different button schemes. That’s what we’ve sunk down to, button colors and letters.

The glory days of different architecture in consoles equaling different gaming  experiences will never return. Hell, consoles are identical to PCs this generation. While I do own a PS4, I see no reason to buy an XB1 because almost every game is the same. If companies truly want to sell both games and consoles, make the choices broad. I’m not talking exclusive-DLC broad, I’m talking THE COMPLETE PACKAGE.

How fucking amazing would it be if a game like Halo, which is a Microsoft exclusive, was licensed for Sony and the games on both consoles were different? That would be AMAZING! They would sell twice as many games, twice as many consoles, twice as much DLC, twice as many Halo t-shirts…etc. But that will never happen, because the companies don’t give a shit about the gamer, they care about sticking to some “psuedo-loyalty” to the company. Some false honor.

It’s unfortunate that we live in such a technologically glorious time and we’re still plagued by warring on a micro scale.  Que Sera, Sera.

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  1. Devon Naccarato

    The only point in owning both next-gen consoles is to have access to all exclusive titles.

    That being said, its still pretty dumb that there are “exclusive” titles.

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