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A Personal Apology + Future of Gaming Rant Explained


First off, I’d like to formally apologize for our inactivity over the last year and a half.

Being the main writer and administrator for this website, most of the work of finding interesting things to write about sat entirely on my shoulders. Unfortunately, as time went on, I found myself moving further away from Gaming Rant, and journalism in general. I’ve been running Gaming Rant almost entirely by myself for close to six years, and as you may imagine, running a website as large as GR (15k monthly hits) was no easy task. It required quite a bit of my time and energy to maintain, and I just couldn’t keep up.

I eventually got a few volunteers to write new content for the site, with the most notable and recent being Robert. Sadly, our team of writers began to grow inactive, largely due to my own inactivity and interest in moderating for GR. In a way, Gaming Rant had become a relic of my past, and I no longer saw it as a viable form of media.

Aside from my own personal interests moving away, there were also a ton of issues behind the scenes. For a long while, Gaming Rant was in partnership with a large website hosting provider and domain registrar, that we cannot disclose due to legal reasons. They promised us several years of entirely free hosting, as well as a free domain name for five years. However, due to slow server performance, I ended up moving the website over to another provider, while keeping the domain freely hosted.

The problem was, I had absolutely no idea whether or not the domain name would remain in my control for the forseeable future, again because of legal reasons that I cannot disclose. The future of Gaming Rant was entirely in someone else’s hands,

Long story short, the future of Gaming Rant is no longer in question. I’ve once again migrated the website over to a new server, and also gained full ownership over the domain. This website will be around for quite some time to come.

As for my personal involvement, I can’t say for certain. Most likely, I’ll get a few new volunteers to work the site. Perhaps bring back Robert, since he was so very successful with us in the past.

Either way, Gaming Rant isn’t going anywhere.


Expect a few more site updates/announcements shortly. Today’s article was mostly intended as a quick apology, and reassurance that GR is here to stay.

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