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Hideo Kojima officially forms new studio with Sony

Hideo Kojima, the maker of the Metal Gear Solid series, is officially forming a new studio with Sony after his rather public and infamous disbanding from Konami earlier this year. They even have a brand new PlayStation 4 exclusive in the works.

While the new studio still uses the same Kojima Productions name, they’ve updated their logo to what appears to be a human skull inside of a medieval knight helmet.


As for Konami, and the future of their company? To be entirely honest, I don’t think they can survive. Their new CEO has openly admitted to knowing next to nothing about the video game industry, which seems rather idiotic consider as how he was appointed to run a company that primarily operates in the game industry.

Now, I was going to write a fairly long editorial about what I truly think about Konami, and the way they treat their employees. However, I figured that you guys had heard pretty everything there was to hear by now. So, instead, I’m just going to end this article here, and hope to God Konami doesn’t sue me for calling their current CEO an unintelligent idiot and a fool. Because, you know… I just called him that.

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