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Hey 2017, how are you?

Hey guys, good news! Our parent company has acquired a high value website which we strongly believe will directly benefit the activity here on Gaming Rant. Like, seriously. The website that we acquired was one of the largest websites in the world at one point in time, so we’re super pleased to be bringing its legacy into our awesome family of services.

What this means for you, is more general activity. We’re going to be publishing some amazing content within the near future, and will be doing some cool cross-promotion stuff with the newly acquired website. Oh, and no, we can’t tell you what the site is just yet, but what I can say is that it was one of the first and largest PlayStation news websites, created all the way back in the 1990’s. Odds are, if you’re a fan of the PlayStation brand of consoles, you’ve definitely visited this website at least once in the last 20 years. Hell, the site is older than most of our reader base, so… well, yeah. It’s kinda awesome, and has been around for a very long time.

So yeah, Gaming Rant will be dedicating all of our future time and resources to providing you guys with the latest and greatest indie game coverage.  Things like interviews, reviews, previews, and news. We just want to provide a media platform for indies to easily get their name out there, and promote them by sharing their stories with the world at large.


Well, that’s pretty much it for now guys. We’ll have more news very soon, so stay tuned! I know that the majority of our userbase is sort of gone at this point, but hopefully with this new cross-promotion tactic, we’ll be able to quickly restore site activity, and bring us to the front of Google like we were back in the day.



ps. did you know that Gaming Rant is is now officially over 7 years old? We’re three years short of a decade!

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