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Intergalactic Bubbles – Rant Review

Intergalactic Bubbles brings the tried and true bubble shooter formula, and expands it with some awesome powerups, 3D graphics, and physics. It’s a fun bubble shooting experience that pretty much everyone should play. And better yet, it’s only $1 on Steam.


Intergalactic Bubbles lets you shoot bubbles in space using some awesome and unique power ups that really takes advantage of its three dimensional plane. If you’re a fan of bubble shooter games, Intergalactic Bubbles is an absolute must have.

Unfortunately, the bottom part of the launcher is cut off when launching from my laptop’s 1366×768 resolution. Higher resolutions won’t have this problem, though a lower resolution might make the game unplayable due to the inability to select the ‘Play Game’ button.

The only issue I had with Intergalactic Bubbles, was the rather troublesome PC launcher, which doesn’t quite fit the screen resolution of my laptop.

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