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Is anybody still out there?

Gaming Rant has been online for nearly seven whole years, which in Internet years, is basically… well, I don’t know if there’s a dog year equivalent, but I can tell you that it’s a very long ass time.

Throughout the last seven years, we’ve seen the launch and eventual fall of OnLive, a brand new console generation, several major updates to Steam, the death of Steve Jobs, and so much more that we can’t even properly mention it all in a single article. I mean, we could, but who would want to read an entire article of what happened during Gaming Rant’s lifespan? It’d be freaking long, dude. Ain’t nobody got time for dat.

So here’s the thing, yeah? Gaming Rant was super freaking awesome way back in the day. We had so many visitors, doing so many amazing things on our network. But today, we’re basically a ghost town of nothingness. So that’s kinda why I’m writing this article. You see, I want to test to see if people still read these words of wisdom. So here’s what we’re gonna do.

To bring back the good ol days, the first person to comment will receive a free random video game from Steam. Just comment, and we’ll send you a Steam code by email.

Now, since we’re no longer as popular as we once were, we’re going to give everybody that comments a free game. Odds are, we won’t get any comments at all, and even if we do, I doubt it’ll be more than five. So this giveaway of sorts will either bite us in the ass, or do absolutely nothing at all due to zero comment activity.

So yeah. Comment = game. If we for some reason get too many entries, we may close the comments. Anyone that comments before we close them will still get a game.. Just, be sure to actually check out our site, will ya? Give us an email subscription, follow us on Twitter. Just help us out, yeah?


Anyway, that’s it for now, guys. We’ll have more activity moving forward, so keep your eyes peeled on our website and Twitter.


Peace out, hitches! (autocorrect is a duck) 

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Hiiii… suppp


Well, alright then. That was fast.
The game should be emailed to you within 7 days.

So apparently people still visit Gaming Rant, huh?


Yes. I do but not too often 🙂
Still, thanks dude


how ya doin?